Podcast Listener's Comments About Abortion...

I received this message today from Katie... one of my podcast listeners.

She is commenting on my podcast about abortion that was recorded on 9/14/05.

NOTE: I want to remind you that what I recorded was what I felt the Angels were telling me to record. This was not a topic I wanted to talk about! (Also... the volume level is very low so it may be hard to hear.)

I have placed my reply to her at the end of her message below. What are your comments?


"Dear Paul, Hello. My name is Katie... I just listened to your podcast about angels and abortion and it touched me. I have always been pro-choice, I have always believed that it is a womans right to choose and that abortion should not be made illegal. Now, I am in no way saying that I support the idea of Abortion. I think it isn't right and that too many people see it as a way out. But if it were made illegal bad things would come of that too. So, I wish to thank you for not going too political in your podcast. And I also wish to thank you for acknowledging the point that you are a man and that it is very easy for you to speak out about this, but you do not know what it is like. I hate men who think that can just say anything they want about a woman's right. So I thank you for saying that you said. Now, I am lucky enough to have never had sex or to never have had to make that choice (as I am only 17), but I know people at school who do have children or who are pregnant and I support them. Whatever choice they make, I know it is right for them. But seeing abortion as the only way is wrong. I do have my acceptions however, like rape and incest, but I respect a woman's right to choose and a woman's ability to give birth. I bet I have kinda contradictory in this message, but in any case, I wish to thank you for speaking so kindly to us. I believe in angels, In God and In Jesus and I know regardless of whatever is to come, their love is eternal. so, thank you so much.

Love, God Bless You and Kudos, Katie.


Paul's Reply...

Thanks Katie for listening to my podcast and for your kind words. Like I said in the recording, it was not a topic I wanted to talk about and it is not something that I've ever wanted to get involved in. Sometimes, however, God has other plans for us!!!

: )

I believe, that no matter what, God LOVES US and has the ultimate ability to forgive us of EVERYTHING. His Mercy outweighs his wrath. We need to do our part in showing God just how much we Love Him. Too often we just live our lives without thinking about how our actions might affect other people or the environment etc. Because we walk in such selfishness, we absorb negativity and become depressed and have difficulty seeing the Light. When we can open our eyes to the TRUTH and the LIGHT which is ALWAYS surrounding us, then the "problems" we have will simply melt away. When we open our eyes to the Light, we can see how each and every step we take is part of God's Plan of Goodness for us! It becomes clear what decisions we are to make. In the case of Abortion, it certainly seems easy to just go and "get rid" of the problem, but I assure you, that will NOT get rid of the problem. The problem is that the person's eyes are closed to God working in her life and, until she opens her eyes, she will continue to live in the darkness which she has created for herself.

We choose where we live... We choose to Live in the Light, or we choose to live in the darkness!


What are your thoughts?

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