How Much More Time Do You Think You Have To LIVE???!!!

This video message had a bit of "tough love" in it! It is "time to get off the dime" and LIVE!!! NO MORE EXCUSES... IT IS TIME!!!

Hugs Campaign

Talk about the "Law of Attraction!" The power of "releasing" fear and allowing Love to expand is VERY POWERFUL!!! GO FOR IT!!!

Where is Your Light Focused?

If a diamond isn't cut properly, most of the light which enters from the top facet escapes from the bottom of the diamond.

A properly cut diamond allows the light to "swirl" around the inside of the diamond from facet to facet and it eventually returns out the top facet of the diamond, creating the brilliant "FIRE" that makes a diamond sparkle.

Where is Your Light Focused?

Becoming a "Vessel of Light" - Intro to Life Coaching

First in a series of videos from to help you discover your "Inner Core" and "Authentic Self"... to become the "Vessel of Light" that you ARE and are meant to BE. We are all "Created in the Image & Likeness of God" and this series will help you to uncover that Truth Within.

Becoming a "Vessel of Light" - Week 1

In this first week of getting to know who we are at our "Inner Core"... what our values, strength and beliefs are, we learn the importance of "Listening to the Silence.

Becoming a "Vessel of Light" - Week 2

This week, we learn more about becoming a "Vessel of Light" and your homework is to complete the "Life Balance Wheel" worksheet which helps you to take a snapshot of the satisfaction in your life and life balance.