Testimonials for Paul Gordon

"Its a Delightful Day!"

Submitted by "Jacobb"

"When the student is ready, the right teacher appears."

I owe many, many thanks to you Paul Gordon! Two Months ago I stumbled across your website at meetyourangels.com. Call it fate, destiny, Luck or whatever you will, but I gathered up the courage, and made the leap, and called your number. I have not been the same since. Paul, you and I formed an instant bond, and I felt comfortable sharing my thoughts, feelings, and emotions with you. I knew at that moment I had finally found the right teacher. I never worried about being judged, or being laughed at. You are a very gentle, caring soul.

Two months ago I had no purpose, I was a numb, zombie stuck on autopilot. I felt trapped by circumstance, and I was part of an unhealthy relationship. Paul, you have selflessly worked with me as a spiritual guide, a Guru, a Mentor, and I am not the same person I was two months ago. Paul, you have helped me to bring myself out of the dark cave I was in, and you showed me how to see the Light that was all around me all this time! I feel more alive now than I ever have before, and I now realize that we create our own purpose. Thank you Paul for teaching me to come alive, and showing me to Love Life again. I now have goals, I now have loving relationships with my parents, and for the first time in my life, I am starting a relationshiop with GOD!

I feel excited to be alive, and everyone has noticed a difference in me. I love the way I can bring smiles to peoples faces. Thank you Paul for believing in me, and showing me I was a good person. Two months ago I would never have believed it. I now believe. Thank you Paul for showing me that hapiness is not a right, it is a gift that you have to go out and get. It is a process. Thank you Paul for teaching me how to be indomitable, for teaching me that my efforts do make a difference. My spirituality has come to life, and I now know that I am a spiritual warrior on a quest for LOVE and LIFE!! Thank you Paul for showing me how to see the blessings in my life, where before I only saw darkness. I feel very connected to everyone and everything.

Thank you Paul for allowing me to be your student, and thank you for being the right teacher!! I will share what you've taught me to help my friends, family, and the world. I, Jacobb the student, become the teacher. And the cycle continues.

Thank You Paul for showing me how to Laugh at myself, and teaching me that life should be fun! Thank You Paul for showing me how to Love myself, and that I am worth Love. I will never forget you, nor the impact you've made in my life. Through me you change the world. I want you to know that you've made a friend for life with me, Paul, and I know that as I teach what you've taught me, I become a part of something bigger than myself. Thank you Paul for bringing me close to GOD.

Your friend the Indomitable, Spiritual Warrior, Jacobb.


Thank You Paul!!!!!

Submitted by "Peace7"

Hi Paul,

I received a reading from you and am I glad I did!

Right from the start, your words really encouraged me.

I am working on learning to LOVE and learning to FORGIVE others. Just as God first loved us, so we should also love others. And these challenges aren't meant to break us--they're meant to help us grow and become stronger individuals.

You are a genuine, compassionate messenger from God.

Thank you again Paul!

God bless you and you take care!


My readings by Paul

Submitted by "mizt1ger1"

Paul seemed so sensitive and enthused about my reading. He inspired me to look within and change my petty weaknesses so that i can begin to grow and heal. It made so much sense to me after the reading. How can i begin to help others without healing myself first? Holding grudges and being hard-headed to forgive others was limiting my opportunity to grow and take in light. I was having such a hard time with a friend that i was disputing with, and decided after the reading to just FORGIVE her. I now see the situation as a learning experience and feel so much better! Paul's reading made me look deep within and make change. I know that now that i am on the path of change and healing within, good things are coming my way. I was VERY pleased with my reading and hope to keep in close contact with Paul in the future. THANKS PAUL!


Thank you Paul for my Angel Reading

Submitted by "strong029"

It has been a rough 4 months since me and my fiance are no longer together. We were living together for 9 years and have a beautiful 3yr old son. It was lack of communication and the age difference that ultimately brought this decision. He asked that I move out and I have to admit that I didn't look or try to work things out with him since I figured he would come back. I was so wrong. I moved out with our son and bounced to 4 different relatives before finally knocking on my mom's door. Something that I thought I would never have to do as I felt defeated.

The holidays were very emotional. It was the first time we didn't spend Thanksgiving, Xmas, New Years or our son's bday together (he's a new years eve baby). I took it extremely hard and so has our son. It was during all this that I discovered and opened my spiritual side. I turned to God for answers. I sometimes feel that he has forgotten about me but I know he hasn't. It has to be God's will and not mine that will bring us back together as a family.

Single life isn't easy. I only knew how to do things together. But for some reason God is testing me. I know this is something that was overdue from the beginning. I put my life on hold since I met my son's father. But I can't blame everything on him.

I found this site while browsing and am glad I did. I had an angel reading with Paul and was told so many things that have encouraged me to live and be stronger each day. Not only for myself but for my son as well. Just this month I was able to get my own place. It's such a wonderful feeling to hear my little one say "we're going home".

I know I have a long road ahead of me but with God and the angels at my side I know I can overcome this heartbroken feeling and be really happy.


Testimonials for Paul Gordon

Submitted by "Hope"

I was blessed enough to receive a reading from Paul, just over a week ago. It was not only a joy to receive, but he gave me some very profound advice, during a very emotional time and situation I was going through. I know I was angelically guided to his site that evening for a reason. As he was able to give me the strength and courage to cope with the horrible state I was in...Thank you Paul!!

" God Bless Him & May His Angels Watch Over Him"

^0^ Hope ^0^


Angel Card Reading

Submitted by "MelisaEvans"

I had the pleasure of receiving a free angel card reading from Paul last week. I was nervous to receive his phone call, I think I didn't know what to expect. All anxiety fell away the moment he started speaking to me. His energy is calm and loving, like a good friend. I asked for guidance in a couple areas of my life. I was amazed how the cards read out. Everything made sense to me. I am able to move forward knowing that the angels are working with me, guiding me along my spiritual path. I have been in a state of confusion, feeling very lost. Paul and the angels gave me hope that with patience everything will work out for me. Thank you Paul, you are a wonderful spirit. I will definetely be in touch with you in the future. I hope to touch lives the way you do. To all who are reading this, don't be afraid.... fear is a negative prayer. Keep love in your heart and positive thoughts in your mind.

We Are The Balancing Force of the Universe...

This message was given to me directly after the "Stargaze" message on 3/21/07, but I was not to publish it until today, 5/20/07.

Before I get into the actual message, I was told to convey an encounter I had last September or so. I was at a weekend Renaissance Fair and I was told by the Angels to bring my Angel oracle cards to give readings. I was there all day Saturday and Sunday... walking, walking, walking. The first day when I just arrived, I remember seeing a guy who was about 22 or so and my "thought" was, "I need to give him an Angel reading" but I knew the timing wasn't right, so I strolled around and it seems like he would cross my path at least once an hour for 2 days straight.

It was Sunday evening (the last day of the fair)... the sun was setting and I hadn't even given one Angel reading yet! Again, I had been WALKING everywhere and literally had never sat down during the event so my "thought" again was, "Well... if you're going to give Angel readings you need to sit down!" (These "thoughts" are actually the Angels guiding me. We all have these thoughts and we need to learn to pay attention to them.)

So.. I need to sit down... that makes sense. I was in the middle of probably a hundred people in the food area... I bet there would be plenty of people who would want an Angel reading here. So what did I do??? I LEFT the area, NOT because I didn't want to give readings, but because I was "guided" to where I was supposed to sit. The Angels told me to go way over to the other side of the park where there were NO PEOPLE. They had me sit down with my back to the crowd so it just looked like someone was sitting way off in the distance all alone minding his own business.

What happened next???

Literally within 30 seconds, the guy who I kept running into all weekend walks from behind me and says, "Ah... Angel Cards... would you give me a reading?" LOL... I found the whole thing HILARIOUS!!! When we are obedient and listen to our intuition, we immediately get what we want. Sometimes the Angels ask us to do "silly" things in our eyes (like leave the crowd where all the people are), but they know better than we do what we should do.

So, I gave the reading and the person asked me, "Do you not have your memory?" I replied, "I have an amnesia of sorts in this lifetime." He said that I was his teacher/mentor in a former lifetime and he was my apprentice. I was a healer and together we would open hospitals and teach others in the art of healing (in the Egyptian era). I told him that all of that made sense, but my "memory issue" was important for me (and him) in this lifetime. "I am to re-learn the secrets of Life again and to teach others its SIMPLICITY."

Many people believe we agree to a "contract" before we come this life and I signed up for this "amnesia" to help teach others that you don't have to be a genius to figure things out. I have shared in earlier articles and in my podcasts that there is an underlying mathematical order to how things work, but in the message I am to share with you today, you will see how simple the "equation" is. I am NOT mathematical... I am the least mathematical person of all, but this all makes sense to me!

Here's the message...

3/21/07 1:50 am
"The Equation is NOT an equation you need to work out or compute - the Equation IS. BE the Equation. You can SEE it. Everything is in Order. With each breath, you exhale the Equation. With each beat of your heart, you ARE the Equation. There is nothing to figure out, You are already living it.

Like a well ordered clock, everything is in precise working order. Precision is Perfect. Everything, including "Disorder" is part of the equation. War, poverty, injustice are all part of the equation - It is Our part to right the wrong. We must do Our part to set TRUTH into motion. WE are the Balancing Force of the Universe. Not One Person, But Everyone.

When One is Strong, We are All Strong. When One is Weak, We are All Weak.

Be Firm in Your Position within the Grid and All will BE Well.

Teach Strength

Teach Courage



Q&A: A Question about the movie "The Secret"


A Vistitor wrote:

"I have a question, I know that my guardian angels have interceded for me many of times. So I know they exist right now, right here. But my question is I have listened to some of the tapes on the secret. Not really the movie yet, but just from what I am getting on the internet, vice versa. God does want us to have abundance and prosperity if it is for the good and sharing. It seems to me that in some way or another people seem to be getting the wrong message about the attributes of it. Like using the Laws of Attraction all for the wrong reasons. Of course like I said I have not seen the movie yet so it may be totally different. There are alot of websites trying to commericail of of it. Selfishness, or materialistic things. I hope you understand what I am trying to say, so what is your philosophy on this?"


I don't know your religious background... it doesn't really matter. All religions tend to believe that God is a "Good God." In the Judeo-Christian tradition, God created the "Garden of Eden"... PARADISE for Adam & Eve to live in. God wanted GOODNESS and LOVE and ABUNDANCE for His creation. He gave them EVERYTHING they ever needed.... all He asked was obdeience... He gave them one rule... to not eat of the fruit of the tree of knowledge. Of course, we had to screw things up and be selfish.

I believe that God STILL wants us to have lives of GOODNESS, LOVE and ABUNDANCE, but He still calls us to a life of selfless giving. So... I truly believe that "The Secret" is correct... it does work, but only when you use it for what God wants, not for selfishness. (It actually works for selfishness too... that is why everyone is so miserable in their lives... they have attracted the misery into their lives!!!)

The movie does use a lot of material things to kinda get people to take the "bait." Meaning... because our society is so materialistic, they use these examples to show people how to attract these things to themselves. But, the movie does teach that materialism is NOT WEALTH... it is not happiness or healthy relationships etc. So... the "higher" message in the movie is that Love, Happiness and Joy are what we all want and it is our job to align ourselves to the process to "Receive" the Love, Happiness and Joy.

Do yourself a favor... don't listen to the snipets any more on the web... go out and watch the real movie and make up your own mind on what The Secret is trying to teach. It WILL work for you and DOES work for you whether you know it or not. If you are a good person and live for God, you will have the life that God has chosen for you. The problem is that in our selfishness, we become out of alignment with the life that God wants for us. We choose sadness, we choose depression, we choose isolation etc.

Live Life with LIFE, No Matter What It Takes!!!