Q&A: A Question about the movie "The Secret"


A Vistitor wrote:

"I have a question, I know that my guardian angels have interceded for me many of times. So I know they exist right now, right here. But my question is I have listened to some of the tapes on the secret. Not really the movie yet, but just from what I am getting on the internet, vice versa. God does want us to have abundance and prosperity if it is for the good and sharing. It seems to me that in some way or another people seem to be getting the wrong message about the attributes of it. Like using the Laws of Attraction all for the wrong reasons. Of course like I said I have not seen the movie yet so it may be totally different. There are alot of websites trying to commericail of of it. Selfishness, or materialistic things. I hope you understand what I am trying to say, so what is your philosophy on this?"


I don't know your religious background... it doesn't really matter. All religions tend to believe that God is a "Good God." In the Judeo-Christian tradition, God created the "Garden of Eden"... PARADISE for Adam & Eve to live in. God wanted GOODNESS and LOVE and ABUNDANCE for His creation. He gave them EVERYTHING they ever needed.... all He asked was obdeience... He gave them one rule... to not eat of the fruit of the tree of knowledge. Of course, we had to screw things up and be selfish.

I believe that God STILL wants us to have lives of GOODNESS, LOVE and ABUNDANCE, but He still calls us to a life of selfless giving. So... I truly believe that "The Secret" is correct... it does work, but only when you use it for what God wants, not for selfishness. (It actually works for selfishness too... that is why everyone is so miserable in their lives... they have attracted the misery into their lives!!!)

The movie does use a lot of material things to kinda get people to take the "bait." Meaning... because our society is so materialistic, they use these examples to show people how to attract these things to themselves. But, the movie does teach that materialism is NOT WEALTH... it is not happiness or healthy relationships etc. So... the "higher" message in the movie is that Love, Happiness and Joy are what we all want and it is our job to align ourselves to the process to "Receive" the Love, Happiness and Joy.

Do yourself a favor... don't listen to the snipets any more on the web... go out and watch the real movie and make up your own mind on what The Secret is trying to teach. It WILL work for you and DOES work for you whether you know it or not. If you are a good person and live for God, you will have the life that God has chosen for you. The problem is that in our selfishness, we become out of alignment with the life that God wants for us. We choose sadness, we choose depression, we choose isolation etc.

Live Life with LIFE, No Matter What It Takes!!!