Betrayal, Pain, Emptiness... What the Heck is Going On???!!!

Have you noticed there is a lot of "Drama" going on right now? We thought last year was difficult... WOW... what's up now???!!!

I wrote the following to a friend this morning in response to her question...

"This is what's going on right now in the world... we are in a time of great challenge for everyone... mostly emotional and spiritual. We are in a period which is a "get in your face" space where we are being challenged to look at who we are at the core of our being. There is no longer an allowance for being "in the middle." Situations, events and relationships are challenging us to look DEEP WITHIN to truly extract where we are coming from... what our values are and how we would make our decisions. While it is a period of great frustration, pain and hurt, it is also a period of great CLARITY (once the situations are processed) which strengthens us deep, deep within. While we feel empty and alone on one hand because we feel abandoned by TRUTH (and the people we hoped lived in TRUTH), but on the other hand we receive much strength knowing that we DID/DO the right thing! It is an empty, lonely feeling, but it is, without a doubt the seat of TRUTH!

So... now what? Now we know that we choose to live our lives in TRUTH, great... wow... now what???!!!

I am NOT talking about [...] any particular events. All of this is REALITY... this is what is happening to everyone and there are basically two (possibly 3 groups) emerging from all of this. The first group is US... the group that is witnessing the BS in our lives from those that mean the most to us. We witness betrayal and decisions which are BEYOND comprehension for us. We are the group that is dumbfounded. We are shaking our heads and can't believe what is going on. The second and perhaps the only other group are these people who are disappointing us in our lives. I have struggled with this a lot recently and I KNOW what the answer to it all is, but I'll tell you down below. This second group simply DOES NOT have the CAPACITY or the CALLING to witness to the TRUTH to the depth and degree that WE are... OK? They are LITERALLY BLIND to what is happening. They do not have the same outlook that we do... they do not have the same capacity for knowing right and wrong. They are "smaller containers" of the Truth. The solution is below. The third group, which I really, TRULY PRAY does NOT exist are evil people! There is a possibility that there are people out there who want to do evil. Because this is so terrifying to me, I choose to NOT BELIEVE that there could possibly be such an entity. Evil and darkness are only an ILLUSION. People CHOOSE darkness. They choose depression and lack. It's not so much the choice of darkness, rather, the choice of LACK. They choose limitations. They choose deprivation. They choose to not fully embrace the LIGHT. Remember... their "containers" are smaller so they don't feel the lack as much as we do. We have far more emptiness to feel (when we are empty) because our containers are so much bigger.

So... what is the solution?


There is ONLY LOVE.

FORGIVENESS is a dimension of LOVE. Can we blame others for having a different mission or container size in life than ours? If we can look at and believe that these people and situations are LESSONS FOR OUR JOURNEY, NOT THEIRS, then this brings a completely new dimension to all of this. You and I NEED to experience the hurt, the disappointment, the betrayal and the abandonment, because it HELPS US GROW. I tell my clients constantly that our "human dimension is being stretched, stretched, stretched to make more room for our DIVINE dimension! TO MAKE MORE ROOM FOR LOVE, MORE ROOM FOR HAPPINESS, MORE ROOM FOR JOY. By having these reminders of sadness in our lives (these miserable people) it SHOULD help us to truly appreciate OUR GOODNESS, OUR WEALTH (Physical, Emotional and Spiritual), and this should STRENGTHEN us to LIVE, not to crawl up under a rock and die or abandon these people when they need us most, but to surround yourself with the LIGHT WITHIN OURSELVES so that others can witness to GOODNESS, LOVE, TO HAPPINESS & to JOY.

If you clean the slate and erase all the emotional ties to all of these situations it all boils down to the TRUTH, there is only ONE thing... THERE IS ONLY LOVE.

"Peter... Do you LOVE Me? Yes, Lord, I love you.

Peter... Do you LOVE me? Yes, Lord, I Love you.

Peter... Do you LOVE me? Yes, Lord, I LOVE YOU.

Then... Feed My Sheep!"


NONE of that "stuff" we've been upset over means anything. It is all pointless because there is ONLY LOVE.

When the DIVINE SPIRIT rises within, It is time to claim our Royal seat. We were created in the "image and likeness of God"...



Does this make us feel any better? Perhaps not yet because our humanity still feels the pain and hurt, but WE UNDERSTAND. "Letting go" is our job at hand and letting people live THEIR lives, not ours!

Hope this helps, and I hope you understand what I am saying. It is difficult, but its what we are supposed to do.

Katie's Dream... Manifestation in Progress...

"Dear Paul,

God, I know, you must be going nuts with "This girl is CONSTANTLY writing to me." :D But I do thank you for everything you have writen to me. I just listened to your podcast and about Angel Manisfestation and dreams. And, I would like to tell you about my dream.

I have been studying to be an actress for a long time now. I have always wanted to be an actress. But it has never been for the fame or for the money. It's just for the soul perpose of "I enjoy it." But my dream has always been to make it on stage and in the movies and just have a good time doing it. I want to create a group that helps abused children and helps them get a say in the court systems and I want to continue to write. I write a lot of fan fiction on line and it gives me a lot of pleasure to write these stories for friends."


Paul's Says...

You're Right On Track...

Katie... PLEASE don't feel you are bothing me... I TRULY ENJOY your emails and I want to keep in touch, so KEEP ON WRITING!!!!!

: )

Your aspirations to be an actress and the work with the abused children is WONDERFUL and I believe you will have this sooner than you realize as long as you keep this dream in your heart alive! Remind yourself each day why you are here on this planet, and send up your thoughts and prayers to God and offer all your energy towards HIS WILL and you'll begin to see miracles happen in your life. GOODNESS attracts GOODNESS and LIGHT attracts LIGHT! Align yourself to the process of attaining your goals... follow the guidance of your Angels and the path will be made clear to you.


Q&A: Would God, Jesus or the Angels try to teach me something?


Hey Paul,

Got another question for you. I know God, Jesus and The angels would never hurt anyone. But a strange thing happened to me last night, I said, "Oh, it would be so great if I got Food Poisoning. I could get sooo much work done and I could get some rest." And well, last night, I did get Food Poisoning. I was vomiting and aching and shaking. And I am home from school today. Would God, Jesus or the angels trying to teach me something? Is it just a coincidence or is it a moment of "Ask and Ye Shall Recieve?"

Thank you once again for writing to me. You are very kind and a pure soul. I can hear it in your voice and see it in your writing. Thank you for being so kind.

*hugs and love*



Align Yourself With The Path...

Jesus and the Angels are not there to hurt us, in fact they aren't even capable of hurting us, they are only PURE LOVE. I think what you experienced was MANIFESTATION. You asked for something and you received it. You are rapidly seeing this manifestation process work in your life! So... rather than hurt your self or use manifestation to extremes which hurt yourself (being sick), ask for what you want in a positive way. Choose HEALTH and perhaps better time management skills rather than having to choose sickness to what you want. Ask for what you want, and then align yourself with the path that the Angels map out for you... it is easy and quick AND It will be much easier on you!

; )

Hope you're feeling better!


Q&A: What Does God Think of Controversial Movies?


Hey, it's Katie. :)

Listen, I was wondering something. Can you ask the angels questions?

I've always wanted to know. You know movies like the "Da Vinci Code" Or "The Last Temptation of Christ." What do the God and the angels think of them? Do they just see them as films for humans or entertainment or something else. I've always wanted to know. Last night, I saw a few scenes from "The Last..." And I know there was so much controversy around it... but in it, I saw a Jesus who overcame obsticals and who was loving and caring and truly the son of God... and yet so many people got angry because of one scene. If Jesus (And I don't believe he did, but I'm just thinking) had a family, wouldn't he have made a great father and a good man? God created children, he created us. I don't believe Jesus had Children with Mary Magdaline, but I do think he would have been an amazing father. :) And in a way, to those who followed him, wasn't he?

Anyway, I was just wondering. Thank you for your time.

Kudos and Love,



Hi Katie... thanks for saying Hi again!

You asked a GREAT QUESTION!!!!! These movies are there to OPEN YOUR MIND and to help you question your faith. God speaks in the stillness of your heart and it is there that you will know the Truth! I totally agree about you with the "Last Temptation"... the movie was controversial, but it ended right and the it showed the HUMAN dimension to Jesus that people forget about. He was FULLY HUMAN and FULLY DIVINE. I believe He experienced life very much like we do... He laughed, He cried, He even had to have faith and QUESTION His faith too. Remember, He said "My God, My God, Why have you foresaken me???!!!" Basically saying, "Where the heck are you God???!!!" If JESUS can ask these questions, we can too!

I am not worried about you one bit my friend... you're right on track! You are curious about life, you ask the right questions and it totally sounds like you're making the right conclusions when it comes down to it all. Does it matter if Jesus had children or not? NO. Do we know if he did... No. We need to LISTEN to His words and follow Him. They asked Him... "Jesus, what is the Greatest Commandment?" and He said, "LOVE... To LOVE GOD.... and the Second is like it... TO LOVE Your neighbor as yourself!" SO... LOVE, LOVE, LOVE is the Secret. Follow the path of LOVE and everything will be fine.

LOVE you my friend...

: )