Betrayal, Pain, Emptiness... What the Heck is Going On???!!!

Have you noticed there is a lot of "Drama" going on right now? We thought last year was difficult... WOW... what's up now???!!!

I wrote the following to a friend this morning in response to her question...

"This is what's going on right now in the world... we are in a time of great challenge for everyone... mostly emotional and spiritual. We are in a period which is a "get in your face" space where we are being challenged to look at who we are at the core of our being. There is no longer an allowance for being "in the middle." Situations, events and relationships are challenging us to look DEEP WITHIN to truly extract where we are coming from... what our values are and how we would make our decisions. While it is a period of great frustration, pain and hurt, it is also a period of great CLARITY (once the situations are processed) which strengthens us deep, deep within. While we feel empty and alone on one hand because we feel abandoned by TRUTH (and the people we hoped lived in TRUTH), but on the other hand we receive much strength knowing that we DID/DO the right thing! It is an empty, lonely feeling, but it is, without a doubt the seat of TRUTH!

So... now what? Now we know that we choose to live our lives in TRUTH, great... wow... now what???!!!

I am NOT talking about [...] any particular events. All of this is REALITY... this is what is happening to everyone and there are basically two (possibly 3 groups) emerging from all of this. The first group is US... the group that is witnessing the BS in our lives from those that mean the most to us. We witness betrayal and decisions which are BEYOND comprehension for us. We are the group that is dumbfounded. We are shaking our heads and can't believe what is going on. The second and perhaps the only other group are these people who are disappointing us in our lives. I have struggled with this a lot recently and I KNOW what the answer to it all is, but I'll tell you down below. This second group simply DOES NOT have the CAPACITY or the CALLING to witness to the TRUTH to the depth and degree that WE are... OK? They are LITERALLY BLIND to what is happening. They do not have the same outlook that we do... they do not have the same capacity for knowing right and wrong. They are "smaller containers" of the Truth. The solution is below. The third group, which I really, TRULY PRAY does NOT exist are evil people! There is a possibility that there are people out there who want to do evil. Because this is so terrifying to me, I choose to NOT BELIEVE that there could possibly be such an entity. Evil and darkness are only an ILLUSION. People CHOOSE darkness. They choose depression and lack. It's not so much the choice of darkness, rather, the choice of LACK. They choose limitations. They choose deprivation. They choose to not fully embrace the LIGHT. Remember... their "containers" are smaller so they don't feel the lack as much as we do. We have far more emptiness to feel (when we are empty) because our containers are so much bigger.

So... what is the solution?


There is ONLY LOVE.

FORGIVENESS is a dimension of LOVE. Can we blame others for having a different mission or container size in life than ours? If we can look at and believe that these people and situations are LESSONS FOR OUR JOURNEY, NOT THEIRS, then this brings a completely new dimension to all of this. You and I NEED to experience the hurt, the disappointment, the betrayal and the abandonment, because it HELPS US GROW. I tell my clients constantly that our "human dimension is being stretched, stretched, stretched to make more room for our DIVINE dimension! TO MAKE MORE ROOM FOR LOVE, MORE ROOM FOR HAPPINESS, MORE ROOM FOR JOY. By having these reminders of sadness in our lives (these miserable people) it SHOULD help us to truly appreciate OUR GOODNESS, OUR WEALTH (Physical, Emotional and Spiritual), and this should STRENGTHEN us to LIVE, not to crawl up under a rock and die or abandon these people when they need us most, but to surround yourself with the LIGHT WITHIN OURSELVES so that others can witness to GOODNESS, LOVE, TO HAPPINESS & to JOY.

If you clean the slate and erase all the emotional ties to all of these situations it all boils down to the TRUTH, there is only ONE thing... THERE IS ONLY LOVE.

"Peter... Do you LOVE Me? Yes, Lord, I love you.

Peter... Do you LOVE me? Yes, Lord, I Love you.

Peter... Do you LOVE me? Yes, Lord, I LOVE YOU.

Then... Feed My Sheep!"


NONE of that "stuff" we've been upset over means anything. It is all pointless because there is ONLY LOVE.

When the DIVINE SPIRIT rises within, It is time to claim our Royal seat. We were created in the "image and likeness of God"...



Does this make us feel any better? Perhaps not yet because our humanity still feels the pain and hurt, but WE UNDERSTAND. "Letting go" is our job at hand and letting people live THEIR lives, not ours!

Hope this helps, and I hope you understand what I am saying. It is difficult, but its what we are supposed to do.

Katie's Dream... Manifestation in Progress...

"Dear Paul,

God, I know, you must be going nuts with "This girl is CONSTANTLY writing to me." :D But I do thank you for everything you have writen to me. I just listened to your podcast and about Angel Manisfestation and dreams. And, I would like to tell you about my dream.

I have been studying to be an actress for a long time now. I have always wanted to be an actress. But it has never been for the fame or for the money. It's just for the soul perpose of "I enjoy it." But my dream has always been to make it on stage and in the movies and just have a good time doing it. I want to create a group that helps abused children and helps them get a say in the court systems and I want to continue to write. I write a lot of fan fiction on line and it gives me a lot of pleasure to write these stories for friends."


Paul's Says...

You're Right On Track...

Katie... PLEASE don't feel you are bothing me... I TRULY ENJOY your emails and I want to keep in touch, so KEEP ON WRITING!!!!!

: )

Your aspirations to be an actress and the work with the abused children is WONDERFUL and I believe you will have this sooner than you realize as long as you keep this dream in your heart alive! Remind yourself each day why you are here on this planet, and send up your thoughts and prayers to God and offer all your energy towards HIS WILL and you'll begin to see miracles happen in your life. GOODNESS attracts GOODNESS and LIGHT attracts LIGHT! Align yourself to the process of attaining your goals... follow the guidance of your Angels and the path will be made clear to you.


Q&A: Would God, Jesus or the Angels try to teach me something?


Hey Paul,

Got another question for you. I know God, Jesus and The angels would never hurt anyone. But a strange thing happened to me last night, I said, "Oh, it would be so great if I got Food Poisoning. I could get sooo much work done and I could get some rest." And well, last night, I did get Food Poisoning. I was vomiting and aching and shaking. And I am home from school today. Would God, Jesus or the angels trying to teach me something? Is it just a coincidence or is it a moment of "Ask and Ye Shall Recieve?"

Thank you once again for writing to me. You are very kind and a pure soul. I can hear it in your voice and see it in your writing. Thank you for being so kind.

*hugs and love*



Align Yourself With The Path...

Jesus and the Angels are not there to hurt us, in fact they aren't even capable of hurting us, they are only PURE LOVE. I think what you experienced was MANIFESTATION. You asked for something and you received it. You are rapidly seeing this manifestation process work in your life! So... rather than hurt your self or use manifestation to extremes which hurt yourself (being sick), ask for what you want in a positive way. Choose HEALTH and perhaps better time management skills rather than having to choose sickness to what you want. Ask for what you want, and then align yourself with the path that the Angels map out for you... it is easy and quick AND It will be much easier on you!

; )

Hope you're feeling better!


Q&A: What Does God Think of Controversial Movies?


Hey, it's Katie. :)

Listen, I was wondering something. Can you ask the angels questions?

I've always wanted to know. You know movies like the "Da Vinci Code" Or "The Last Temptation of Christ." What do the God and the angels think of them? Do they just see them as films for humans or entertainment or something else. I've always wanted to know. Last night, I saw a few scenes from "The Last..." And I know there was so much controversy around it... but in it, I saw a Jesus who overcame obsticals and who was loving and caring and truly the son of God... and yet so many people got angry because of one scene. If Jesus (And I don't believe he did, but I'm just thinking) had a family, wouldn't he have made a great father and a good man? God created children, he created us. I don't believe Jesus had Children with Mary Magdaline, but I do think he would have been an amazing father. :) And in a way, to those who followed him, wasn't he?

Anyway, I was just wondering. Thank you for your time.

Kudos and Love,



Hi Katie... thanks for saying Hi again!

You asked a GREAT QUESTION!!!!! These movies are there to OPEN YOUR MIND and to help you question your faith. God speaks in the stillness of your heart and it is there that you will know the Truth! I totally agree about you with the "Last Temptation"... the movie was controversial, but it ended right and the it showed the HUMAN dimension to Jesus that people forget about. He was FULLY HUMAN and FULLY DIVINE. I believe He experienced life very much like we do... He laughed, He cried, He even had to have faith and QUESTION His faith too. Remember, He said "My God, My God, Why have you foresaken me???!!!" Basically saying, "Where the heck are you God???!!!" If JESUS can ask these questions, we can too!

I am not worried about you one bit my friend... you're right on track! You are curious about life, you ask the right questions and it totally sounds like you're making the right conclusions when it comes down to it all. Does it matter if Jesus had children or not? NO. Do we know if he did... No. We need to LISTEN to His words and follow Him. They asked Him... "Jesus, what is the Greatest Commandment?" and He said, "LOVE... To LOVE GOD.... and the Second is like it... TO LOVE Your neighbor as yourself!" SO... LOVE, LOVE, LOVE is the Secret. Follow the path of LOVE and everything will be fine.

LOVE you my friend...

: )


Podcast Listener's Comments About Abortion...

I received this message today from Katie... one of my podcast listeners.

She is commenting on my podcast about abortion that was recorded on 9/14/05.

NOTE: I want to remind you that what I recorded was what I felt the Angels were telling me to record. This was not a topic I wanted to talk about! (Also... the volume level is very low so it may be hard to hear.)

I have placed my reply to her at the end of her message below. What are your comments?


"Dear Paul, Hello. My name is Katie... I just listened to your podcast about angels and abortion and it touched me. I have always been pro-choice, I have always believed that it is a womans right to choose and that abortion should not be made illegal. Now, I am in no way saying that I support the idea of Abortion. I think it isn't right and that too many people see it as a way out. But if it were made illegal bad things would come of that too. So, I wish to thank you for not going too political in your podcast. And I also wish to thank you for acknowledging the point that you are a man and that it is very easy for you to speak out about this, but you do not know what it is like. I hate men who think that can just say anything they want about a woman's right. So I thank you for saying that you said. Now, I am lucky enough to have never had sex or to never have had to make that choice (as I am only 17), but I know people at school who do have children or who are pregnant and I support them. Whatever choice they make, I know it is right for them. But seeing abortion as the only way is wrong. I do have my acceptions however, like rape and incest, but I respect a woman's right to choose and a woman's ability to give birth. I bet I have kinda contradictory in this message, but in any case, I wish to thank you for speaking so kindly to us. I believe in angels, In God and In Jesus and I know regardless of whatever is to come, their love is eternal. so, thank you so much.

Love, God Bless You and Kudos, Katie.


Paul's Reply...

Thanks Katie for listening to my podcast and for your kind words. Like I said in the recording, it was not a topic I wanted to talk about and it is not something that I've ever wanted to get involved in. Sometimes, however, God has other plans for us!!!

: )

I believe, that no matter what, God LOVES US and has the ultimate ability to forgive us of EVERYTHING. His Mercy outweighs his wrath. We need to do our part in showing God just how much we Love Him. Too often we just live our lives without thinking about how our actions might affect other people or the environment etc. Because we walk in such selfishness, we absorb negativity and become depressed and have difficulty seeing the Light. When we can open our eyes to the TRUTH and the LIGHT which is ALWAYS surrounding us, then the "problems" we have will simply melt away. When we open our eyes to the Light, we can see how each and every step we take is part of God's Plan of Goodness for us! It becomes clear what decisions we are to make. In the case of Abortion, it certainly seems easy to just go and "get rid" of the problem, but I assure you, that will NOT get rid of the problem. The problem is that the person's eyes are closed to God working in her life and, until she opens her eyes, she will continue to live in the darkness which she has created for herself.

We choose where we live... We choose to Live in the Light, or we choose to live in the darkness!


What are your thoughts?

Email Me at & tell me what you think.

Check out my other Angel Podcasts!

Act Upon Your Nudges...

I really, truly try to LIVE the same advice I give all the people who call me for Angel Card Readings and Angel Coaching. Something I always say is to "Act Upon Your Nudges."

What The Heck is a Nudge?

Throughout the day, you'll receive little inspirations or "nudges" from God and your Angels to ACT... TO DO things. Many times we ignore them because they may seem like a waste of time or the nudge wasn't big enough to really catch our attention.

I used to give Angel Card Readings through a website that would charge customers by the minute. I haven't logged in for over a year because I would rarely get calls, and it was more a of a pain to log in than just relax and have fun at home. Today, I received a NUDGE... (That's a BIG NUDGE) to log into the psychic website and see if customers would call. Within the first hour, THREE PEOPLE CALLED ME!!! TRUST ME... that is AMAZING! There are HUNDREDS of other psychics on this website and all of a sudden, I am chosen 3 times to give readings???!!! WOW.

God & The Angels Are In Charge!

Your life can be SO MUCH EASIER if you just let go of your ego and let God and the Angels guide you where you need to go! Don't be afraid to let them know what you want to achieve in your life (you still have a say), but once you do, LET THEM FIGURE IT OUT! They will guide you... they will show you the shortest path to your goals!

Act Upon Your Nudges!

The Last Day...

Dearest Angel Friends... I'm sure you've noticed it has been a little quiet around here lately! I just wanted to explain a few things...

I was travelling in early April and I had a seizure. I was alone and it wasn't a small one. I had my first seizure in college, and I seem to have them every 4 years or so. As I get older, they are harder and harder to recuperate from. BUT, even in my pain and "confusion" I still had my Angels right there speaking to me. The message, more of a command, so clear after I came to my senses was to...

LIVE as if Today Is Your Last Day! What Are You Waiting For? Why Aren't You Celebrating Heaven???!!! When Are You Going to LIVE Your Dream Instead of Just Dreaming Your Dream???!!!"

Well, that makes TOTAL SENSE to me!!! Why do we put off everything for another day, especially if we don't know if another day will come or not???!!!

I LOVE YOU, and you are All Still in My Thoughts & Prayers!

"April Showers Bring May Flowers..."

As I write this, it is a little bit drizzly outside, but I am totally excited about the BEAUTIFUL FLOWERS that result from days like today. I have already brought in several bunches of roses from my garden and my healing room at home smells WONDERFUL from these beauties! When I moved into my home eight years ago, I immediately ordered 21 varieties of roses, each rated with a fragrance of "Intense" or "Strong." I have lost a couple of them over the years, but my garden is still filled with a great assortment of color and fragrance.

I cannot express to you what my sense of smell does for me!!! My brother always makes fun of me because of my acute sense of smell, but I don't care! It was revealed to me by my Angels, that they sometimes communicate to me via scent. YES... ABSOLUTELY!!!

: )

My FAVORITE flower of all is the Gardenia, but I have a very hard time growing them here in San Diego. I have instructed all of my friends and family (now YOU), that when I die, if I don't have at least ONE Gardenia at my funeral, I will "haunt" all of them because they didn't remember how important that is to me. Gardenias remind me of the smell of Heaven! They are completely intoxicating to me... WOW...I could smell them all day! It think it is important to have these reminders around us because they teach us about just how wonderful Heaven is!

Speaking of funerals, I had a very good friend, Maribeth, and my Uncle Bob both died on the same day of cancer in March. To see how that devastating disease can rob people of life so quickly is truly tragic! As many of you know, I work for a major pharmaceutical company that invests billions of dollars in research to help stop Cancer and other life threatening diseases in its tracks. I am honored to be able to do my part to find a cure, but I encourage you to do your part too!!! There are many organizations who could use your financial assistance, perhaps you can find it in your heart to make a donation today to one of these groups... Your help is greatly appreciated!!!


My DEAR FRIEND Maribeth died this March after a fight with Cancer. She was a smoker and I asked her if she had any words of wisdom for people... "If you're a smoker, STOP NOW, and if you're not a smoker, DON'T START!"

Maribeth was HILARIOUSLY funny, ALWAYS UPBEAT and just one of the best friends you could ever want to have! She was a computer expert (haha) who had such a magnetic personality, she literally had to have her computer replaced every couple of months because her energy would fry the machine! lol.

Maribeth my dear... if you have any free time now, I wouldn't be opposed to you helping me out once in awhile... I need all the help I can get!!! Go and find Virginia... my Grandmother... the two of you will really have a lot of fun together!!!!

THANKS for all the memories my friend... LOVE YOU!!!

: )

Perhaps you can find it in your heart to make a donation today to one of these groups...

Your help is greatly appreciated!!!

Amazing Dreams...

I don't know about you, but I have been having the most AMAZING, "PRODUCTIVE" dreams the last two nights!!! By productive I mean that I am processing A LOT of information and as I'm dreaming I feel very useful and productive... very satisfied. BUT... I can't tell you anything about the dreams at all... I don't remember anything about them. Several friends have also mentioned that they have been having very vivid dreams as well, so perhaps there is something going on. All I know is I WELCOME many, many more nights like the last two!!!

For those of you who have called me, I often tell you that before I go to bed, I ask God to, "Show me in my dreams what I am to know and understand, and what I am to do when I awake." 95% of what we dream about we only understand on our soul level... the other 5% we understand in our human dimension. When I do this, I often wake up with a very short "to do list" that is very easy to accomplish. I feel GREAT when I know what I should do and I actually do it! Why not give it a try???!!!

: )

Tell us about some of your interesting dreams lately...

Why You Deserve Love...

A few years ago I wrote this to a friend who needed a little encouragement because she was not having too much luck finding a healthy relationship. I think the advice is good for everyone...

The answer to WHY YOU DESERVE LOVE can only be ANSWERED BY YOU,
    And MUST come from WITHIN YOURSELF!

IF, and only WHEN YOU can

    SEE these reasons,

      BELIEVE these reasons, and

        CLAIM these reasons as TRUTH,

Will you be set free from the pain and anxiety you hold regarding relationships and life itself.

Your Homework...

  • Build Your foundation of TRUTH...

    • "I AM SUSIE AND I AM... (Smart, Funny...)

    • Set Goals for your Life's Journey

    • Feed Your Body, Mind and Soul with Nourishment

      • My Body is Nourished By/When...

      • My Mind is Nourished By/When...

      • My Soul is Nourished By/When...

  • LIVE LIFE with LIFE No Matter What it Takes!!!

  • LEARN FROM YOUR PAST... Never Fear it, It is there to Teach You

  • LIVE IN THE PRESENT... It is in the here and now that you can make change!

  • MOVE TOWARDS THE FUTURE... You will never know if you have arrived at your destination unless you set your goals and work towards them.

  • Live in the LIGHT... Allow yourself to feel and heal, absorbing God's infinite Love for you. HE IS THERE... "Trust in the Lord Always."

That's it... Plain and Simple. GO FOR IT!!!


Her main fear was being alone... something that should not be feared.

I sent her the lyrics to the "Mary Tyler Moore Show"

Season 1...
    How will you make it on your own?
    This world is awfully big,
    Girl this time you're all alone
    But it's time you started living
    It's time you let someone else do some giving
    Love is all around, no need to waste it
    You can have a town, why don't you take it
    You might just make it after all
    You might just make it after all

2nd-6th Seasons...
    Who can turn the world on with her smile?
    Who can take a nothing day,
    and suddenly make it all seem worthwhile?
    Well it's you girl, and you should know it
    With each glance and every little movement you show it
    Love is all around, no need to waste it
    You can have a town, why don't you take it
    You're gonna make it after all
    You're gonna make it after all

Mary, "Queen of the Angels"...

Mary, the mother of Jesus, is known by Catholics as "Queen of the Angels" and also, "Our Mother of Perpetual Help." I have always had a devotion to her, but recently she has been making herself known to me on a couple of occasions. My feeling is that the Angels have been preparing the way for their "Queen"... I think we will be hearing a lot more from Mary in the near future. If you have been having "Mary Experiences", please share them with us by emailing me your experiences.

A Voice From The Streets...

I received an email today from one of my homeless friends. I have known him about 6 years... he is basically a vagabond travelling from place to place. He is about 27 years old and schizophrenic. I REALLY loved what he said today because he hasn't judged his situation... he sees God working in his life and is OK with his situation, no matter how difficult it is...
    "I have realized I belong on the streets sharing my experiences with others and showing them that if someone they see as "worthless" can bring them company and closer to the Lord they might see where people like me come from and might look towards the Lord as well if they don't already. But I have realized I am destined to be a bum and live a life of unhappy wealth financially and an unimaginable wealth spiritually"

Perhaps we should be embarrassed at how we, who "have more" than he does, are NOT satisfied with our situation that God has given us. We could have "unimaginable wealth spiritually" but we are too caught up with what we don't have.

This story is a PERFECT Example why I LOVE the homeless. They live day by day accepting the goodness that comes their way from God. We should learn from them!

A "Needle In A Haystack" - Part 2...

OK... What is going on here???!!!

Yesterday afternoon (Friday), I went down to visit my friend "Alex" at the crisis home and he is doing well. THANK YOU to everyone who has sent your well wishes and kind thoughts his way!!! Earlier in the week I visited him, and I shared the story about finding another one of my homeless friends that I was worried about in a neighborhood I have never been in. (See "A Needle in a Haystack".)

With all this stuff going on in my life, I have been thinking about how fortunate I am to have my life and all the goodness and blessings I have. I have been thinking a lot about all these homeless friends of mine (hundreds over the years) and how much I truly love them. So many non-homeless people "miss out" because they are afraid of the homeless and bypass potentially WONDERFUL friends with HUGE hearts!!! All they need is to be treated with DIGNITY, RESPECT and LOVE and you will have a friend for life!

One friend in particular, Ryan, was 17 or 18 when I first met him. He was the smartest of all the kids out there on the street and he always made sure they all ate before he did. He was sort of a "Guardian Angel" for all his other street friends. Ryan is schizophrenic and what is called a "Tweeker"... a crystal meth addict. He loved music, so I gave him a guitar which he would play night and day to support himself. Over the two years I knew him, he declined rapidly and his paranoia became pretty bad mostly due to his drug addiction. One day he dissappeared and it has been 4 years since I have seen him. I have asked the street gang off and on if any of them have heard from him, and I would get news once in awhile about what was going on with him. I guess he went to the police in the town I knew him in (Oceanside) and he narked about all of the various drug dealers in the city. He was instrumental in cleaning up a lot of the drug traffic that was going on. BUT, when you are a nark, your life is in danger, so he had to leave. He went to Oregon to his father's place for a little bit, but eventually moved to San Diego which is about 45 minutes from Oceanside.

Ryan will always be one of my favorite street friends because of the good he has done for so many people. It is hard to see because he has such a good heart and is so thoughtful when it comes to OTHER people, but he just can't seem to love HIMSELF enough to get clean. BUMMER! I have thought so much about him all this week after finding my other friend Joey.

So, after my visit with Alex yesterday, I was driving home and decided to go back to the same restaurant I had stopped in earlier in the week where I bumped into Joey. As I'm driving up trying to find a parking place, I look ahead on the corner and THERE WAS RYAN!!! It had been 4 years since I had seen him, but I recognized him IMMEDIATELY!!! I honked my horn and waved to him to come over and I said, "Hey Ryan, it's Tall Paul from Oceanside... Remember me?" He said, "Holy Sh#T!!! PAUL... How's it going... Oh My God... I can't believe it!!!" Well... That made two of us!!! Here I was in this neighborhood that I had only been in once before and here I find ANOTHER NEEDLE IN A HAYSTACK!!!

I found a parking spot and we talked for about an hour and a half. He looked really good, but he is still homeless. Still on drugs. Now he is selling drugs. I told him how much I missed him and how I always admired how he took care of everyone out there on the streets and how I always thought that he had so much potential to do good. I told him that I loved him and that my other friends Jessie and Cindy also love and believe in him. I KNOW I was touching him in a long forgotten way... the streets are hard and he needed to hear that there are people still out there that believe in him! I gave him my number and invited him to go with me sometime to my camper that I keep out in the desert. I think he needs to get away and get some fresh air and really think things over about life. He said he is so tired of all the drugs and the way of life and he wants to stop someday soon. He may never stop, but at least I KNOW that HE KNOWS now that I LOVE HIM and BELIEVE IN HIM. I feel good because I WASN'T AFRAID to tell him how I was feeling. He may never be ready to get help, but at least he knows without a doubt that he is LOVED, and that's all that matters. He has someone now to turn to if and when he is ready to get help.

How often do you tell your family and friends just how much you LOVE and BELIEVE in them???!!! We forget how important this is... we all need to hear this so don't be afraid to tell them how you think TODAY!!!

I don't know what it is about that restaurant in that little neighborhood that God and the Angels keep sending me to, but I'm going to keep going back whenever I'm in the neighborhood!!! MIRACLES have happened this week there... The MIRACLE of Joey and the Miracle of Ryan. Both "Tweeker" Drug Addicts. Both homeless. Both have no direction in life. BOTH AMAZING, LOVING, SELFLESS PEOPLE Who I am PROUD to call my FRIENDS!!!

Thank you God for the Gift that these friends are to me!!!
Just a Thought to Consider...

One of my dreams is to establish a home for homeless youths like Joey and Ryan. I would love to provide a safe, loving place for them to go to get off of drugs, to learn a trade like computers or something marketable, and to then help them to get back into society where I know they can make a difference. On my "Angel Sanctuary" page, I mention that the Angels want me to have several places reserved for the Angels. One of them is for these "Homeless Angels" that I know and love so much. If any of these TRUE stories have touched your heart in any way, please consider helping me attain this dream in whatever way you can. I need a place out in nature. I need funding. I need your LOVE and your PRAYERS! Thanks!

Call Your Friends... They Need You! - Part 2...


Remember I told you last week my friend Alex was in the emergency room, and the second they called his name to go into be checked, his BEST FRIEND called my cell phone in search of Alex. The timing couldn't have been more perfect! (Read the story here if you missed it.)

Well... tonight I was talking to Alex on the phone... he wasn't having such a good evening. TERRIBLE actually. So... I tried my best to calm him down but he was basically destined to have a sleepless night. I hung up the phone, and not 1 minute later, HIS BEST FRIEND CALLED ME AGAIN looking for Alex!!! WOW!!! I gave him Alex's new phone number and we did a 3-way phone call. Alex's mood was COMPLETELY CHANGED for the better and all was well!!!

Like a said before... if you have thoughts about a long lost friend, or even a friend who you see all the time... REACH OUT and call because you just don't know how important that call could be. We are placed here on this planet for one another and we need each other.

Let's do our part to keep the LOVE alive!!!

; )

A "Needle In A Haystack" - Part 1...

Have you ever tried to find a "Needle in a Haystack???!!!"

I have a very good friend, "Joey", who is 19 years old and homeless (most of the time). I care for him a great deal because he has such a great heart and he is truly a fascinating person to hang around. He wants to make a difference in this life, but he is sort of lost in the typical street-kid waste your time routine. He is a GENIUS and an "Indigo Child" in my opinion. (Do a search on the web if you don't know what an Indigo Child is). I usually hear from him once or twice a month, but I haven't heard from him in about 8 months or so. Needless to say, I have been VERY WORRIED about him! He moved out of the area, but not too terribly far away that we couldn't meet up once in awhile or at least get a phone call or email from him.

SO... Joey has been on my mind a great deal lately, most likely because of all the time I have been spending with my friend Alex who is trying to get into a drug rehab program and who is currently in the "Crisis Home." Joey is also a drug user/addict. I emailed him about a month ago and he didn't respond. Yesterday I emailed him again, and still no response. We've never had an argument, so he couldn't be mad at me, so what the heck??? Where did he dissappear to???!!! Joey is my "Needle in the Haystack."

Tonight I went to visit Alex at the crisis home and he is doing GREAT!!! I spent 1.5 hours with him without one argument or any stress... A TRUE RECORD!!! WOW. So, afterwards I went to dinner in San Diego and went to a bookstore to browse around. I parked about 2 blocks away from the bookstore, so I had a nice little walk to get some fresh air. As I'm walking out of the bookstore, guess who is walking by... JOEY!!! WOW again!!! He saw me and gave me a big hug... he says he lost my number and has been thinking about me. He hadn't checked his email in a long time (kinda hard to do when you're homeless because you have to go to the library usually). I gave him my number and we're going to meet up again real soon.

According to Yahoo... San Diego has a population of 1.2 million people ( What are the chances that I would bump into Joey tonight???!!! I TOTALLY BELIEVE that the Angels brought us together. THERE ARE NO COINCIDENCES... These are all carefully orchestrated moves that the Angels have planned out. Their strategy is PERFECT! Our job is to cooperate with it. I NEVER, EVER eat in San Diego in the area I was driving through. I HAVE NEVER met Joey in that part of town... we have always met in my area which is 30 miles away. If I hadn't walked to the bookstore and left when I did, I would have never bumped into Joey.

Pinch Me... I can hardly believe how AWESOME the Angels are to me!!! I feel SO MUCH BETTER now that I know that Joey is OK!!! YIPPY!!!

; )

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Listen... Listen To The Silence...

I am asked all the time how we should pray or how do we hear the "Voice of God." There is a song that I learned in 1st grade (36 years ago!) that I believe tells it all.

When I was in training at the monastery, my Novice Master kept urging us (more like pushed us) to what the song teaches us... the "Silence." I have no idea who wrote the song... it was written sometime in the 60's, so if you happen to know who wrote it, I would love to know.


Listen to the Silence...


Listen for the Words of the Lord...


Listen for He Speaks in Quiet Times."


It seems we are always bombarded with noise in our culture... even noises (vibrations) we can't hear. There are TV signals, radio waves, cell phone signals, microvaves and MANY more bombarding us all the time and I believe these mute or lesson our ability to hear the silence of our heart where the "TRUTH/GOD" lies. When I travel in an airplane, I receive messages from my Angels far more clearly than on the ground. Up in the sky, we are above all of that "noise pollution." 1.5 years ago, I stopped watching TV and the only radio I listen to now is a morning show on my way to work. My life is SIGNIFICANTLY more peaceful and serene without all that noise. I encourage you to take steps to reduce the noise in your life and to practice "Listening to the Silence!"

Let me know what changes you see in your life after practicing this for awhile.

Call Your Friends... They Need You! - Part 1...

Here is a BEAUTIFUL true story about TRUE LOVE and a BOND between friends...

As you know, I've been helping a young friend of mine who is a drug addict with emotional issues to get some help. We will call him "Alex." On Monday night, I had to take Alex to the emergency room because he was borderline suicidal. More on this in a bit...

Alex's closest and longest-time friend is Noah. Noah has been through thick and thin with Alex and knows him inside and out. They are connected emotionally and SPIRITUALLY on all levels and have known each other since kindergarden. I met Noah for the first time last week for only 2 minutes... My Angels told me to give Noah my cell phone number in case he ever needed anything. I wasn't sure why or when, but someday he would need my number.

Back to the emergency room... We are in the waiting room and they call my friend's name to be checked in... As we stand up... RING... RING... NOAH WAS CALLING MY CELL PHONE!!!

Alex's heart was calling out to the Universe for HELP and his closest friend on the planet (Noah) felt his friend's pain, and reached out the only way he knew how to help. At that moment, my cell phone was THE ONLY way anyone could have found Alex. Noah was "in tune" with his friend and utilized the resources at hand to find Alex. There couldn't have been a better time for Noah to call. THAT WAS DIVINE TIMING... WOW!!!

How Does this Apply To Us?

If you are going about your day, and out of the blue you think about a friend for no apparent reason... CALL HIM/HER! Our souls communicate and can feel each other's love, but sometimes our human dimension needs a caring voice to say hello! We were all put on this planet together to share our love with one another, and too often we forget to keep in touch with those people who we care about. Those small inspirations we get throughout the day might be more important than we realize! Noah calling Alex was EXACTLY what he needed to get through his crisis situation. It gave him the strength to be brave and courageous while he endured the next few hours in the emergency room.

How Can You Help YOUR Friends??? Give them a Call Today!!!

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Healer, Heal Thyself...

For those of you who have called me recently, you know that I am SWAMPED because a friend of mine is dealing with drug addiction and emotional issues. I have been helping him get to doctor's appointments, "Anonymous" meetings, and most recently, to the psychiatric emergency hospital and a "crisis home." (That just is just the tip of the iceberg of what I have been doing for him).

In my "free time"... ha ha ha... I am trying to call my Angel clients for Angel Card Readings etc. MANY of you are in the healing profession or are being called to be in the healing profession, yet you (we) are trying to deal with our present stressful situations not exactly in the right way. We tend to give, give, give and find little time for ourselves. The Angels want me to remind you (us) that "If you don't take care of yourself, how can you possibly take care of the people that you love and depend upon you for your healing energy?"

This gentle reminder encourages us to slow down, breathe and tackle one problem at a time!!! YES, we are supposed to help these people who God brings into our lives, but we must take time to care for our own needs, OR, more importantly, let other people take care of us when we need it!

Back to my drug addict friend... he is a young (20 year old) healer... so filled with love for everyone else... yet he has completely neglected himself to the point that he can't help ANYONE any more, ESPECIALLY himself. He is now dependent upon me and his parents to help him make even the most basic decisions, and he is FIGHTING against the fact that he NEEDS our help. He doesn't want to "owe" anyone and hates to ask for anything even though he knows we are his only solution. IT IS OK TO ASK FOR, AND TO RECEIVE HELP FROM OTHERS!!! God put us here together to help each other out.

When you LOVE someone, there is NO OWING... no cost... ONLY LOVE. We help because we LOVE. No conditions are placed on it. PERIOD.

So... Take care of yourself, ask for help if you need it, so that you can be healthy for not only yourself but for everyone who depends on you!!!

Give Yourself A Voice...

In 2006, the Angels are asking us to paint the picture of what we want out of life and to Manifest it. What is our Divine Calling and how do we want to carry it out? Paint the picture, and paint it clear. Dream and DREAM BIG. Another way to say this is to "Give yourself a voice!" Tell the Angels what you want and don't be afraid to ask for help.

Once you have painted the picture, send your dreams, hopes and vision up to the Angels for their help. Once you do this, you then have to cooperate with their guidance for you. They will show you the shortest path to your goals. The Angels are "Master Strategists"... they are experts at knowing the correct path to take and are constantly adjust their stragegy based on our decisions. If we are obedient and follow their guidance, we will surely arrive at our goal much sooner than if we try it our way. Sometimes they might ask us to do seemingly funny or silly things, but you must TRUST that they know what they are doing.

The Angels want you to have fun, enjoy life and celebrate LIFE in Happiness, but most especially with JOY!!!


Listening To The Angels...

Are you going to hear a LOUD VOICE FROM HEAVEN or just a regular voice if and when your Angels talk to you???

Well... my experience is that when I am giving an "Angel Reading" to a client, I 'hear" the Angels on the right side of my brain, but not in an audible voice resonating in my ear, but more of a "voice" within, or just outside my head. It speaks higher in elevation to me that what I am used to hearing with my ears. Meaning, the sounds are above my ear, sort of outside the rounded part of my skull, not at "ear level." I have compared notes with other people who can hear their Angels, and they say that is how they also hear them. We seem to point in the air above the right side of our head as to where these Angels are speaking from.

But remember what I have told you in my podcasts... I also "hear" them through my 3 "intuitions" or "instincts". The "gut instinct" speaks to me at certain times, and at other times, by "heart instinct/intuition" speaks to me. Still at other times, my logical instinct speaks up. If you compare the sound of these "voices" they are completely different sounding. My head sounds completely different than my gut. I used to think these voices were me... I now believe these are different Angels guiding me in my life.

So a way to learn to hear your Angels is to pay attention to your gut, heart and head instincts/intuition. Listen for differences in their voices and in their personalities. You can ask your Angels any questions you want, and they will immediately answer you. As you ask the question, they begin to give you the answer. You don't have to wait for some dramatic entrance or bold voice to announce their entrance. The Angels are very GENTLE, LOVING beings... they are very CALM and almost simplistic. Their language is very simple... not complex.

They also try to use words that we understand, but they sometimes have double meanings. One time they told me that this friend of mine was my "Soul Mate", but they used the term differently than how we would use the term. The "Mate" was like a "Buddy"... this "Soul Mate" of mine was like my "Gilligan" from "Gilligan's Island." The "Skipper" and "Gilligan" are "Soul Mates" in that they are inseparable friends, even though they might get on each other's nerves once in awhile (or perhaps all the time). Despite the aggravation that Gilligan brings to the Skipper, Gilligan is also a great source of Joy for him. This is EXACTLY how my relationship is with my friend that the Angels were referring to. Perhaps this Angel was from Australia!

Your HOMEWORK... Ask your Angels questions, and LISTEN to what they have to say!!!

Ghosts... Wandering Spirits... "Poor Souls in Purgatory"...

The movies usually dress up these characters really well... lots of gloomy, terrifying makeup and some perfect music will raise the hairs on your neck without a doubt! BUT, how close are these beings to the real thing (if there is such a real thing!)???
Let me start off by saying, Yes, there are spirits, ghosts, or "poor souls" (as the good old Catholics would call them) who are in a state of wandering or "limbo/purgatory." They are caught in that realm because they basically didn't "get it" in their time spent here on the earth. Imagine your friends, family or other people in your life who just don't "get it "... they sort of wander around on the earth in this lifetime with no passion, no life, no meaning, and they continue this same wandering pattern in the next life.
So... How does one get into "Heaven?" Well... I believe that what I am about to share came from one of the writings of a Trappist monk. It is "right on" if you ask me. The concept goes something like this... Heaven is the "place" or state of being where the part of you that is "God-Like" dwells. As humans we have both a human and DIVINE nature... a part of us which is God-Like. We were created in the "image and likeness of God." "Heaven" is that part of us which is "God-Like."
So the question is, What is God-Like???!!!

God is Pure LOVE
God is Pure LIGHT
God is Pure JOY
God is Pure HARMONY
God is Pure PEACE


OK... so... the part of us that is God-Like goes to Heaven! The part of us that is LOVE, LIGHT, HAPPINESS etc. is that part of us that will "BE" in Heaven. The next question is... How much of YOU is LOVE, LIGHT, HAPPINESS etc???!!! Scan your being right now... imagine your boundries as a human... you occupy a certain amount of space, right? How much of you is Love? How much space within you is Light? How much is Happiness???
Get the idea?
Those people on this earth that wander... the people with no PASSION, no Love for LIFE, are those souls in Limbo who had a lifetime to "GET IT" but didn't! If you aren't growing your capacity to LOVE here on this earth, what are you doing???!!!

Is There Help for the "Poor Souls?"

What prompted me to write this article was something that happened to me during a nap I was taking this afternoon. In a very "lucid dream" a wandering soul kept trying to get close to me. I could see his arm in the shadows... he kept moving around restless, in and out, in and out (like pacing back and forth). I laugh as I write this now, because I asked him, "What kind of an Angel are you?" Like, "I've never seen an Angel like you... so hard to communicate with, so jittery!" I would ask him questions and he could barely talk... just so un-interesting, with no depth, no "passion" etc. I realized that this wasn't an Angel at all, it was a "Lost Soul." Truly, without a doubt, a soul with no meaning, no purpose, nothing to look forward to... totally in "Limbo." He had a friend with him, a girl who was even further back in the shadows. I could feel her presence, but she was so "shy" (like her friend) that she couldn't/wouldn't come into the Light for me to see her. I asked what his name was and it was very difficult to understand him. He reminded me of so many of my friends who are homeless people that are drug addicts. These addicts are called "Tweakers"... always pacing back and forth, always mumbling... many are paranoid schizophrenic.
At this point I am wondering why this spirit is coming to me. I asked my Angels, and they said that, "This soul has been assigned to you (Paul)... you are to help him find the Light." OK... WOW.... BIG TASK!!!
Not being sure where to start, I somehow got him to tell me his name (Jessie) and I asked him if he wanted my help. I told him that he needed to trust me. So, once he agreed I asked him what his "Passion" is? I SWEAR the only thing I remember him saying was, "Partying." LOL... OH MY GOSH!!! Because I have so many homeless friends with this same mindset, with whom LOGIC is of no use, I wasn't sure what to do next. Was this going to be a life-long project for me? I have to worry about my own soul, let alone this guys! Plus, that girl he was hanging around... she came as part of the package!
So, I turned to who I always turn to when I need HELP!!! Mary... The Mother of Jesus! They call her the "Mother of PERPETUAL Help"... the "Queen of the Angels" and boy did I need help!!! I took Jessie over to Mary, who is ALWAYS there for us when we need her, and I put my hand on her cloak. (This makes me think of kids who are always pulling on their mother's clothes, but this doesn't bother them), and I said to her, "This is my friend Jessie... he needs your help. He needs to receive the Light." So, I placed him in her arms, like Jesus' body is draped over Mary's arms in the statue "Pieta."

His weak and lifeless body in her arms, lay there as she placed her hand on his head. She began to caress his forehead and hair, and with each stroke his soul began to come alive until he was finally completely whole, but now he was a little boy. She told him to, "Go play with the other kids"... there were many other "little" or "baby" souls who were all playing like kids on a playground. Mary was running some sort of "childcare" facility for all of these newly re-born souls!
So, I looked back and I saw his "girlfriend" and I asked, "Do you want to come to?" She smiled, and said, "Yes"... putting out my hand, she grabbed it very tightly and practically RAN to Mary who so gladly took her into her arms to take care of her!!!
I had never done this before and I was reminded of a friend of mine's friend who we think has been a wandering soul. I called out for her and she came forward. I told her that she was wandering because she put too much emphasis on holding on to THIS life throughout her illness, and not loving "LIFE" in general. LIFE is eternal and we need to release our attachment to the physical realm. Let the Love of ALL LIFE permeate our being, not the love of our human life. She understood. I also told her that she was also too attached to the love of her husband. She loved HIM, instead of LOVING EVERYTHING. Meaning, she was so attached to the physical aspects of her husband, that she had nothing in the next life to call LOVE.
Remember the first part of my article? That part of you which is God-Like will go to Heaven! So... because she was so attached to the physical aspects of this life, she had nothing take take with her into the next life!
I then offered to take this friend to Mary and she said that she wanted to, so I guided her over, and this time, instead of this soul becoming a child, she was more like a teenager soul. Mary told her that she needed to help the younger souls out with their development...a "babysitter." I take this to mean that this person had learned a lot in life and was more "mature" than the first two wanderers. Instead of starting as an infant or toddler, she was further along on the journey than they were.

The Point to All This???

Be God-Like!