Listening To The Angels...

Are you going to hear a LOUD VOICE FROM HEAVEN or just a regular voice if and when your Angels talk to you???

Well... my experience is that when I am giving an "Angel Reading" to a client, I 'hear" the Angels on the right side of my brain, but not in an audible voice resonating in my ear, but more of a "voice" within, or just outside my head. It speaks higher in elevation to me that what I am used to hearing with my ears. Meaning, the sounds are above my ear, sort of outside the rounded part of my skull, not at "ear level." I have compared notes with other people who can hear their Angels, and they say that is how they also hear them. We seem to point in the air above the right side of our head as to where these Angels are speaking from.

But remember what I have told you in my podcasts... I also "hear" them through my 3 "intuitions" or "instincts". The "gut instinct" speaks to me at certain times, and at other times, by "heart instinct/intuition" speaks to me. Still at other times, my logical instinct speaks up. If you compare the sound of these "voices" they are completely different sounding. My head sounds completely different than my gut. I used to think these voices were me... I now believe these are different Angels guiding me in my life.

So a way to learn to hear your Angels is to pay attention to your gut, heart and head instincts/intuition. Listen for differences in their voices and in their personalities. You can ask your Angels any questions you want, and they will immediately answer you. As you ask the question, they begin to give you the answer. You don't have to wait for some dramatic entrance or bold voice to announce their entrance. The Angels are very GENTLE, LOVING beings... they are very CALM and almost simplistic. Their language is very simple... not complex.

They also try to use words that we understand, but they sometimes have double meanings. One time they told me that this friend of mine was my "Soul Mate", but they used the term differently than how we would use the term. The "Mate" was like a "Buddy"... this "Soul Mate" of mine was like my "Gilligan" from "Gilligan's Island." The "Skipper" and "Gilligan" are "Soul Mates" in that they are inseparable friends, even though they might get on each other's nerves once in awhile (or perhaps all the time). Despite the aggravation that Gilligan brings to the Skipper, Gilligan is also a great source of Joy for him. This is EXACTLY how my relationship is with my friend that the Angels were referring to. Perhaps this Angel was from Australia!

Your HOMEWORK... Ask your Angels questions, and LISTEN to what they have to say!!!