Give Yourself A Voice...

In 2006, the Angels are asking us to paint the picture of what we want out of life and to Manifest it. What is our Divine Calling and how do we want to carry it out? Paint the picture, and paint it clear. Dream and DREAM BIG. Another way to say this is to "Give yourself a voice!" Tell the Angels what you want and don't be afraid to ask for help.

Once you have painted the picture, send your dreams, hopes and vision up to the Angels for their help. Once you do this, you then have to cooperate with their guidance for you. They will show you the shortest path to your goals. The Angels are "Master Strategists"... they are experts at knowing the correct path to take and are constantly adjust their stragegy based on our decisions. If we are obedient and follow their guidance, we will surely arrive at our goal much sooner than if we try it our way. Sometimes they might ask us to do seemingly funny or silly things, but you must TRUST that they know what they are doing.

The Angels want you to have fun, enjoy life and celebrate LIFE in Happiness, but most especially with JOY!!!