Clouds of Lavender

This poem was sent to me by one of my "" visitors... Jeannie Diazio. She LOVES GOD and has a beautiful spirit! She is a poet and wants to share he work with others - hoping to publish a book of inspirational poems for all of us to enjoy. Email Jeanie and let her know you encourage her work and send her your thoughts and prayers as she Listens to God's call to spread His Love!


Clouds of Lavender

Clouds of lavender across the sky
Precious memories before my eyes
The presence of grace surrounding me
Unconditional love ever so sweet
Tears of laughter, smiles of joy
Amidst your glamour that I adore
Acclaiming the glory that I longed for
The beauty of your ardent soul
Blanketing me with peace and tranquility
As I look above to the soft cushiony pillows
Of clouds of lavender across the sky

Love Has No Restrictions

Love has neither restrictions nor boundaries
Its’ giving without expectations in return
Solely from the core of ones’ self
It is in truly understanding with compassion
Feeling the pain and sorrow, as if our own
Putting our self in someone else’s shoes
without biased opinions
So placid it touches the hearts of all people
A seedling that blossoms into goodness
It is the harvest of our growth
It never seeks out answers
For all is resolved with what it has to offer
It is the inner beauty in mankind so never-ending
It nurtures, it heals, and it cures
The wounded, the weak, the ill
It is the pursuit of all happiness
It is the reassurance in all that flourishes
It exceeds beyond limitation of our dreams
For to have genuinely loved, is to have sincerely lived

Sitting Here Silently

In the still and quite
Patiently with calmness
I empty all my thoughts
I empty all my emotions
Waiting to hear you’re ever
present voice within
With you by my side
I have nothing to fear
Reassured by your gentleness
Serene and subdued your whisper
Truth and light shining forth
So genuine and kind
Teaching me the gift of
Knowledge of life
Devoutly and earnestly
Straight from the heart
Feeling your gracefulness
Your warmth and pureness
You give of yourself so freely
Undying absolute love
Enriching life’s of so many
Charity, faith and love
Doing thy will of heaven
We seek and we find
Needing merely you
Embodiment of thou spirit
Love of thy divine

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