Act Upon Your Nudges...

I really, truly try to LIVE the same advice I give all the people who call me for Angel Card Readings and Angel Coaching. Something I always say is to "Act Upon Your Nudges."

What The Heck is a Nudge?

Throughout the day, you'll receive little inspirations or "nudges" from God and your Angels to ACT... TO DO things. Many times we ignore them because they may seem like a waste of time or the nudge wasn't big enough to really catch our attention.

I used to give Angel Card Readings through a website that would charge customers by the minute. I haven't logged in for over a year because I would rarely get calls, and it was more a of a pain to log in than just relax and have fun at home. Today, I received a NUDGE... (That's a BIG NUDGE) to log into the psychic website and see if customers would call. Within the first hour, THREE PEOPLE CALLED ME!!! TRUST ME... that is AMAZING! There are HUNDREDS of other psychics on this website and all of a sudden, I am chosen 3 times to give readings???!!! WOW.

God & The Angels Are In Charge!

Your life can be SO MUCH EASIER if you just let go of your ego and let God and the Angels guide you where you need to go! Don't be afraid to let them know what you want to achieve in your life (you still have a say), but once you do, LET THEM FIGURE IT OUT! They will guide you... they will show you the shortest path to your goals!

Act Upon Your Nudges!