"April Showers Bring May Flowers..."

As I write this, it is a little bit drizzly outside, but I am totally excited about the BEAUTIFUL FLOWERS that result from days like today. I have already brought in several bunches of roses from my garden and my healing room at home smells WONDERFUL from these beauties! When I moved into my home eight years ago, I immediately ordered 21 varieties of roses, each rated with a fragrance of "Intense" or "Strong." I have lost a couple of them over the years, but my garden is still filled with a great assortment of color and fragrance.

I cannot express to you what my sense of smell does for me!!! My brother always makes fun of me because of my acute sense of smell, but I don't care! It was revealed to me by my Angels, that they sometimes communicate to me via scent. YES... ABSOLUTELY!!!

: )

My FAVORITE flower of all is the Gardenia, but I have a very hard time growing them here in San Diego. I have instructed all of my friends and family (now YOU), that when I die, if I don't have at least ONE Gardenia at my funeral, I will "haunt" all of them because they didn't remember how important that is to me. Gardenias remind me of the smell of Heaven! They are completely intoxicating to me... WOW...I could smell them all day! It think it is important to have these reminders around us because they teach us about just how wonderful Heaven is!

Speaking of funerals, I had a very good friend, Maribeth, and my Uncle Bob both died on the same day of cancer in March. To see how that devastating disease can rob people of life so quickly is truly tragic! As many of you know, I work for a major pharmaceutical company that invests billions of dollars in research to help stop Cancer and other life threatening diseases in its tracks. I am honored to be able to do my part to find a cure, but I encourage you to do your part too!!! There are many organizations who could use your financial assistance, perhaps you can find it in your heart to make a donation today to one of these groups... Your help is greatly appreciated!!!