Call Your Friends... They Need You! - Part 2...


Remember I told you last week my friend Alex was in the emergency room, and the second they called his name to go into be checked, his BEST FRIEND called my cell phone in search of Alex. The timing couldn't have been more perfect! (Read the story here if you missed it.)

Well... tonight I was talking to Alex on the phone... he wasn't having such a good evening. TERRIBLE actually. So... I tried my best to calm him down but he was basically destined to have a sleepless night. I hung up the phone, and not 1 minute later, HIS BEST FRIEND CALLED ME AGAIN looking for Alex!!! WOW!!! I gave him Alex's new phone number and we did a 3-way phone call. Alex's mood was COMPLETELY CHANGED for the better and all was well!!!

Like a said before... if you have thoughts about a long lost friend, or even a friend who you see all the time... REACH OUT and call because you just don't know how important that call could be. We are placed here on this planet for one another and we need each other.

Let's do our part to keep the LOVE alive!!!

; )