Call Your Friends... They Need You! - Part 1...

Here is a BEAUTIFUL true story about TRUE LOVE and a BOND between friends...

As you know, I've been helping a young friend of mine who is a drug addict with emotional issues to get some help. We will call him "Alex." On Monday night, I had to take Alex to the emergency room because he was borderline suicidal. More on this in a bit...

Alex's closest and longest-time friend is Noah. Noah has been through thick and thin with Alex and knows him inside and out. They are connected emotionally and SPIRITUALLY on all levels and have known each other since kindergarden. I met Noah for the first time last week for only 2 minutes... My Angels told me to give Noah my cell phone number in case he ever needed anything. I wasn't sure why or when, but someday he would need my number.

Back to the emergency room... We are in the waiting room and they call my friend's name to be checked in... As we stand up... RING... RING... NOAH WAS CALLING MY CELL PHONE!!!

Alex's heart was calling out to the Universe for HELP and his closest friend on the planet (Noah) felt his friend's pain, and reached out the only way he knew how to help. At that moment, my cell phone was THE ONLY way anyone could have found Alex. Noah was "in tune" with his friend and utilized the resources at hand to find Alex. There couldn't have been a better time for Noah to call. THAT WAS DIVINE TIMING... WOW!!!

How Does this Apply To Us?

If you are going about your day, and out of the blue you think about a friend for no apparent reason... CALL HIM/HER! Our souls communicate and can feel each other's love, but sometimes our human dimension needs a caring voice to say hello! We were all put on this planet together to share our love with one another, and too often we forget to keep in touch with those people who we care about. Those small inspirations we get throughout the day might be more important than we realize! Noah calling Alex was EXACTLY what he needed to get through his crisis situation. It gave him the strength to be brave and courageous while he endured the next few hours in the emergency room.

How Can You Help YOUR Friends??? Give them a Call Today!!!

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