Q&A: What Does God Think of Controversial Movies?


Hey, it's Katie. :)

Listen, I was wondering something. Can you ask the angels questions?

I've always wanted to know. You know movies like the "Da Vinci Code" Or "The Last Temptation of Christ." What do the God and the angels think of them? Do they just see them as films for humans or entertainment or something else. I've always wanted to know. Last night, I saw a few scenes from "The Last..." And I know there was so much controversy around it... but in it, I saw a Jesus who overcame obsticals and who was loving and caring and truly the son of God... and yet so many people got angry because of one scene. If Jesus (And I don't believe he did, but I'm just thinking) had a family, wouldn't he have made a great father and a good man? God created children, he created us. I don't believe Jesus had Children with Mary Magdaline, but I do think he would have been an amazing father. :) And in a way, to those who followed him, wasn't he?

Anyway, I was just wondering. Thank you for your time.

Kudos and Love,



Hi Katie... thanks for saying Hi again!

You asked a GREAT QUESTION!!!!! These movies are there to OPEN YOUR MIND and to help you question your faith. God speaks in the stillness of your heart and it is there that you will know the Truth! I totally agree about you with the "Last Temptation"... the movie was controversial, but it ended right and the it showed the HUMAN dimension to Jesus that people forget about. He was FULLY HUMAN and FULLY DIVINE. I believe He experienced life very much like we do... He laughed, He cried, He even had to have faith and QUESTION His faith too. Remember, He said "My God, My God, Why have you foresaken me???!!!" Basically saying, "Where the heck are you God???!!!" If JESUS can ask these questions, we can too!

I am not worried about you one bit my friend... you're right on track! You are curious about life, you ask the right questions and it totally sounds like you're making the right conclusions when it comes down to it all. Does it matter if Jesus had children or not? NO. Do we know if he did... No. We need to LISTEN to His words and follow Him. They asked Him... "Jesus, what is the Greatest Commandment?" and He said, "LOVE... To LOVE GOD.... and the Second is like it... TO LOVE Your neighbor as yourself!" SO... LOVE, LOVE, LOVE is the Secret. Follow the path of LOVE and everything will be fine.

LOVE you my friend...

: )