Katie's Dream... Manifestation in Progress...

"Dear Paul,

God, I know, you must be going nuts with "This girl is CONSTANTLY writing to me." :D But I do thank you for everything you have writen to me. I just listened to your podcast and about Angel Manisfestation and dreams. And, I would like to tell you about my dream.

I have been studying to be an actress for a long time now. I have always wanted to be an actress. But it has never been for the fame or for the money. It's just for the soul perpose of "I enjoy it." But my dream has always been to make it on stage and in the movies and just have a good time doing it. I want to create a group that helps abused children and helps them get a say in the court systems and I want to continue to write. I write a lot of fan fiction on line and it gives me a lot of pleasure to write these stories for friends."


Paul's Says...

You're Right On Track...

Katie... PLEASE don't feel you are bothing me... I TRULY ENJOY your emails and I want to keep in touch, so KEEP ON WRITING!!!!!

: )

Your aspirations to be an actress and the work with the abused children is WONDERFUL and I believe you will have this sooner than you realize as long as you keep this dream in your heart alive! Remind yourself each day why you are here on this planet, and send up your thoughts and prayers to God and offer all your energy towards HIS WILL and you'll begin to see miracles happen in your life. GOODNESS attracts GOODNESS and LIGHT attracts LIGHT! Align yourself to the process of attaining your goals... follow the guidance of your Angels and the path will be made clear to you.