We Are The Balancing Force of the Universe...

This message was given to me directly after the "Stargaze" message on 3/21/07, but I was not to publish it until today, 5/20/07.

Before I get into the actual message, I was told to convey an encounter I had last September or so. I was at a weekend Renaissance Fair and I was told by the Angels to bring my Angel oracle cards to give readings. I was there all day Saturday and Sunday... walking, walking, walking. The first day when I just arrived, I remember seeing a guy who was about 22 or so and my "thought" was, "I need to give him an Angel reading" but I knew the timing wasn't right, so I strolled around and it seems like he would cross my path at least once an hour for 2 days straight.

It was Sunday evening (the last day of the fair)... the sun was setting and I hadn't even given one Angel reading yet! Again, I had been WALKING everywhere and literally had never sat down during the event so my "thought" again was, "Well... if you're going to give Angel readings you need to sit down!" (These "thoughts" are actually the Angels guiding me. We all have these thoughts and we need to learn to pay attention to them.)

So.. I need to sit down... that makes sense. I was in the middle of probably a hundred people in the food area... I bet there would be plenty of people who would want an Angel reading here. So what did I do??? I LEFT the area, NOT because I didn't want to give readings, but because I was "guided" to where I was supposed to sit. The Angels told me to go way over to the other side of the park where there were NO PEOPLE. They had me sit down with my back to the crowd so it just looked like someone was sitting way off in the distance all alone minding his own business.

What happened next???

Literally within 30 seconds, the guy who I kept running into all weekend walks from behind me and says, "Ah... Angel Cards... would you give me a reading?" LOL... I found the whole thing HILARIOUS!!! When we are obedient and listen to our intuition, we immediately get what we want. Sometimes the Angels ask us to do "silly" things in our eyes (like leave the crowd where all the people are), but they know better than we do what we should do.

So, I gave the reading and the person asked me, "Do you not have your memory?" I replied, "I have an amnesia of sorts in this lifetime." He said that I was his teacher/mentor in a former lifetime and he was my apprentice. I was a healer and together we would open hospitals and teach others in the art of healing (in the Egyptian era). I told him that all of that made sense, but my "memory issue" was important for me (and him) in this lifetime. "I am to re-learn the secrets of Life again and to teach others its SIMPLICITY."

Many people believe we agree to a "contract" before we come this life and I signed up for this "amnesia" to help teach others that you don't have to be a genius to figure things out. I have shared in earlier articles and in my podcasts that there is an underlying mathematical order to how things work, but in the message I am to share with you today, you will see how simple the "equation" is. I am NOT mathematical... I am the least mathematical person of all, but this all makes sense to me!

Here's the message...

3/21/07 1:50 am
"The Equation is NOT an equation you need to work out or compute - the Equation IS. BE the Equation. You can SEE it. Everything is in Order. With each breath, you exhale the Equation. With each beat of your heart, you ARE the Equation. There is nothing to figure out, You are already living it.

Like a well ordered clock, everything is in precise working order. Precision is Perfect. Everything, including "Disorder" is part of the equation. War, poverty, injustice are all part of the equation - It is Our part to right the wrong. We must do Our part to set TRUTH into motion. WE are the Balancing Force of the Universe. Not One Person, But Everyone.

When One is Strong, We are All Strong. When One is Weak, We are All Weak.

Be Firm in Your Position within the Grid and All will BE Well.

Teach Strength

Teach Courage