Your Physical Environment Locks In Energy Patterns...

Here's a message from the Angels early this morning (Thursday, 1/18/2007)...

"In order to move forward with change, the physical structure of your environment must change. The layout and configuration of your physical environment (your "stuff") holds energy in a certain pattern. Each and every physical object holds energy in a certain configuration or grid and by keeping your environment the same, you will continually hold your mental and spiritual planes caught in the same grid. If you want change, you must change your physical grids.

Remove clutter... release and let go of old "idols" or shrines to the past. Your memories will still exist - you will still have those experiences in your heart. But, by releasing them from the physical plane into the spiritual plane, you are allowing yourself to transform and evolve into a higher dimension. The less you hold on to in the physical dimension, the more you will have in the spiritual realm. It is up to you. One note - the spiritual realm is Lighter, more Liberating and Freer than the Physical Realm. It is up to you. Let Us carry your burdens."

Message Continues 1/19/07 10pm...

"Each physical form holds energy in a specific pattern or formation. Each item serves to teach us a reality - or reminds us of lessons that help us sync to the grid. When we arrange items on a mantle we place them "just right" as if we are adjusting a TV antenna or a dial on a radio to get the frequency right. There are only a certain # of spaces on the grid like on a chess board. Each piece has its place. In order for the game to progress, pieces must move and as each player progresses the opponent must adjust and re-strategize to the new coordinates. Chess players think in a different language than their native tongue when playing chess. They are tuning in to the coordinates of strategy and learning as they go. Such is everything in life. You must make room on the game board to progress and win.

Patterns, patterns, patterns! 111, 333... these are ordered for a purpose and they are part of the design of Life. Dancers move their body in sync to these patterns without knowing it. We each must continue to practice our "modes of expressing" these patterns but now with a CONSCIOUS AWARENESS of the rhythms, so we can more rapidly align ourselves to the grids which bring order and process to reality.

By practicing our "modes of expression" we celebrate Joy, we experience alignment in its truest form. By now consciously being aware of this significant alignment to the natural order, we are like a well manufactured clock that we can rely on for consistency and reliability. It is your job to Celebrate, so do it! To the artist the language is color and form. To the musician it is beat, rhythm and harmony. There are scientific principles which are significantly ordered and aligned that are guiding the processes of the physical dimension which most humans are oblivious to. Yes, they play their instruments and run their races (all of which they do because it brings a certain level of joy to them, but they truly don't realize HOW IMPORTANT and CRITICAL that these processes are to the overall function of the grid), but the motivational forces behind these impulses is scientific, ordered and a very specific "language" chosen for that individual. Become familiar with these new "native tongues" and you will open yourself up to brilliantly fantastic dimensions that you were oblivious to before. Yes, you loved your music or enjoyed the adrenaline as you practiced your craft, but you must now recognize these gifts as they truly are - open your eyes to the languages hidden within and you will truly be enriched and be awakened to new dimensions.

It is now time.

H2O is always H2O - the energy grid of water holds its pattern. Its energetic bonds, like gravity, have its effect on those other molecules surrounding it. Taking this knowledge and now applying it to the emotional and spiritual dimensions, you realize the grand effect one has on the grand scheme of Life. The magician or the sorcerer of old was not off base at all - as the physical environment is manipulated, so too are the emotional and spiritual dimensions. They cannot be separated. Cause and effect. The question now remains; does one use this power/energy/knowledge for good or for evil?

The "Secret" was hidden simply to gradually release the knowledge at the proper time. You cannot open all the floodgates at once or all the land below will be flooded. The Universe is now ready for this new aspect of operation - this new dimension to be explored and perfected. It is time to bring order to Goodness and the Power back into LOVE & JOY. Bright Lights will emerge. Beacons of energy will guide the others to Source. The grid is established, align yourself with the process.

It is time. It is time!

The Rubik’s Cube seems impossible to solve - all the pieces are joined together - the puzzle can be solved!"