There Is Nothing To Worry About...

A client emailed me today (3/21/07) saying that she was feeling, "full of this horrific toxic energy that scares me and I feel very alone, as though I have done something horrible aganst God or my fellow man. Can the angels tell you anything about why I am feeling this way? I feel very sad and very, very alone."

I am sharing the reply I gave her from the Angels because I think it pertains to all of us. It is a message we all need to read...

"Here's What the Angels Say To You Today...

"There is nothing to worry about... You are a GIFT FROM GOD TO THE WORLD! You have been chosen for a special task of LOVE and INSPIRATION that no one else can do. Listen to your heart... Feel your feelings, and DO NOT BE AFRAID. We are teaching you Patience... We are teaching you Love. Isolation is part of growth. In the Silence you will hear the voice of God and know that you are not alone. Only you have the ability to unlock the special gift of LIFE that God has for you!

In nature there is calmness, gentleness and peace. Look at its beauty and now see that YOU are just as beautiful as your surroundings. WE ASSURE YOU, you have done nothing wrong. The events of your life are clues and lessons for what you are to teach the world. Please, NEVER second guess why things happen... EVERYTHING happens for a reason and are truly KEYS to TRUTH. You have a mission to LIVE and you must use these keys to unlock the mystery of LIFE that is so AMAZING. You are putting together a great puzzle that is in sync with everyone else's puzzle. Each piece you connect not only makes the puzzle that much easier and clearer for you, but also for everyone else. This is part of ALIGNMENT. You see, as you align yourself with the process of LIVING, you are helping others align as well. You teach others how to live through your own actions. Your actions are a reflection of what you have learned.

The equation is VERY, VERY SIMPLE!

In your human form, you tend to complicate things because that is what you were taught. Remember what the Bible says... "Be like the children." Also Jesus said, "Let the children come to me." Adults complicate things... Children accept life without conflict. They absorb and live without complicating or analysing anything... they simply LIVE.

Be assured Sweet Child, You are Great, You Are Royal and We Love You. There is nothing to worry about, you are in Our embrace. We know you are experiencing doubt and isolation, but We assure you, it is all an illlusion and part of the process of unlocking the code.