The Silence is Broken, Or Is It???

If you look at the date of my last posting, a LONG TIME has passed since I was told to write here on my website. You see, we are in a new era... a time where Silence is the key to the answers that so many of you seek. For a long time, it was important for us to learn from our "Wise Ones", but many became dependent on their wisdom and teachings and forgot how to connect to their own inner wisdom or TRUTH. No one person is more important or more wise than anyone else. We ALL have the same connection to TRUTH that everyone else has. The difference is our willingness to interpret or connect to that inner wisdom.

So... today... the "Silence is Broken" in-so-far-as I have been told to write to you today, but as you will see in the message, that the "Silence" is EVERYTHING. The Silence is the TOTALITY. The Silence COMPLETES THE PUZZLE. The "Wise Ones" already know this... in fact, EVERYONE knows this! So... no more playing around everyone... Listen, Listen to the Silence!!!

The following message was given to me November 17, 2008...


Layers, upon layers, upon layers, upon layers like an onion - Silence, Observing Silence, Observing Silence, Observing Silence, Transcends to the Core of Truth which is Silence.

While Silence appears empty, it is in fact Fullness. Silence allows the experience of totality to exist without interference. Silence integrates into the totality, thereby becoming ONE - the "space between the space." The glue which binds everything together. There is nothing - "no-thing" but ONE.

Imagine a complex 3 dimensional puzzle, or even a complex molecule... like a key which fits in a lock, the Silence or "Chi" - the energy that binds - is like a lock that fits ever so perfectly. Let's use the example of the Stereogram again. Within the scrambled picture it looks like there isn't much room to transcend with all of that static that is presented in the image. But, with the slightest of effort, actually by letting go of "control" - seeing with new eyes, in a new manner - you begin to see new dimensions. A new reality protrudes - a reality within a reality - dimensions within dimensions exist - and the experience is far more satisfying than just looking at static on a page.

Our investment in experiencing life is what we make of it. Are we experiencing just the surface of the 3D or are we transcending the dimensions and fully embracing the experiences around us? This process is actually a physical process. Many people approach it from a mental or spiritual perspective, but those are only two of the dimensions. There certainly is a physical dimension to it as well. We are talking about protons, electrons, neutrons - energy, force fields, magnetism, polarity - all the laws of physics are intertwined in this process. It sounds complex - it is, only when one attempts to understand it with the human brain. Deep within the human experience is the in-bred code - the actual experience and reality which "KNOWS" ALL that is. When one dissects and compartmentalizes these experiences, it becomes complex. There are many parts, but only ONE reality. We are ALL Connected. There is only ONE. Your experience of these words is a separation of the ONE and Only. But, it is possible to continue to live and practice and as a human AND as ONE - these you call "Enlightened Beings - Saints".

[Paul's explanation - As an example... if I mention the word "Aquarium" to you, the first image in your mind is the tank WITH THE FISH AND WATER, NOT just the tank... right??? We tend to think of the material world and separate out all of the empty space in between. This is incorrect thinking. Everything, including the EMPTY SPACE, is "ONE"... ONE complete Package. All of the laws of the physical realm co-exist and actually interact in direct relation to this nothingness. The emptiness is not empty unless we think of it as a human. It is just as solid as a molecule is - electrons separated in space (emptiness) in between protons and neutrons etc. ONE is as solid, as complete as "Aquarium".]

It is all a foundation of Connectedness. Harm to one brings Harm to ONE. Love to one brings Love to ONE.

The process of experiencing is not less than being enlightened. The process is actually important to experience because it brings material substance into the equation. The material brings a certain sensory satisfaction to the process that will aide you later, but ultimately it is the awareness of ONE that is the goal. "Goal" implies time, which is not real. "Process" implies time which is not real either. ONE does not exist in time but it encompasses time. Everything can be measured, but the measurement takes away from the enlightenment. In the Unitive process there are waves of awareness of (global) consciousness - in and out of Dimensions which serves to teach and enrich your experiences.

You know everything I am telling you - there is nothing you don't know. People doubt everything. They doubt their intuition. An ignorance and cloak of fear blinds people from the Truth which is part of every fiber of their being.

Allow the experiences to happen - don't fight the challenges that are being presented to you. They are all part of the experiences - the process to widen your knowledge and deepen your experience. What you experience as pain, you will soon experience as Joy because you will begin to remember how it is all connected to ONE. Your data banks of experiences are loading - the more you experience the more you get closer to fullness which is equal to SILENCE - to ONE.