Thoughts on Recent Energy Shifts?

A friend emailed me tonight the following...

"I wanted to hear from you, your thoughts about the recent energy shifts to bring us to a higher level of consciousness. The one on Feb 11th I heard was going to be massive, but I did not expect the divine energy to just start flowing into me. Both Thursday and Friday early evening I had to stop what I was doing and went into meditation before falling asleep early. Since then all day long I can feel the energy in my head and on my spine, sometimes like something is playing with my brain. "

This was my response that I feel the Angels have asked me to share with you...

"Everyone experiences these shifts in different ways based on their awareness and openness to them.  Each also has their own job to accomplish as part of the energy network grid.  Some are meant to be anchor points, others are travelers along the grid helping  to ensure clean lines along the way.  Some people are amplifiers of the energy and others act like harmonics in music (a different frequency).  Our job is to be as clear as possible for our task.  Some people will require SLEEP... others will require strict FOOD requirements... ALL of us will need WATER!!!!  Some will require brain space (not to think things through, but to process the energy), others will need heart space.  There is no need to ask, "What is MY role... what am I supposed to do"... You will instinctively know.  LISTEN to your Body... FEEL... CORRECT and ALIGN.

That's it!

;  )